Refined and elegant, the B&B Idomeneo63, combines contemporary design with comfort. Located in one of the oldest streets of Lecce, in the heart of the historical center, it is just a short walk away from the baroque cathedral of Santa Croce and the Palazzo dei Celestini, headquarter of the Province of Lecce. Our B&B successfully combines its eighteenth-century origins with an aesthetic of pure simplicity. The B&B in Lecce, was born from a spirit and a taste both simple and sophisticated, where functionality, search for perfection and design come together in a blend of feelings and moods.

Refinement and relax within the baroque of Lecce

None of its details was conceived as “classic”: the entrance with its living space, which is marked by a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, is perfectly combined with the bedrooms. These were furnished with the idea to bring together the absolute “Mediterranean” white of the walls, with the variety of colors of the beds. The colour white acts also as a guiding color of the interiors. The designer furniture contributes to the main theme made of simplicity, fluidity, freedom and rhythm. Rhythm, for example, is supported by the stairway with a balustrade in plate glass, which leads from the living area to the sleeping one, thus isolating one space from another. The presence of vaulted ceilings in some of the bedrooms is a tribute to the artisanship of Salento and the use of materials, such as plate glass, enhances its transparency even further and is perceived as the poetry of light.

Designed as a guesthouse for a completely customer-oriented quality, the B&B Idomeneo63 is the perfect place to stay, surrounded by modernity and historical references. A tailored structure, where every detail takes on a central role in trying to give guests the best of innovation and tradition.